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Watch Video: Woman donates $1 billion (N1.6 trillion), pays $32,000 (N51 million) school fees for every student

A woman, Dr. Ruth Gotemann, has captured the hearts of many after making a life-changing donation of $1 billion (N1.6 trillion) to cover the tuition fees for all students.

The generous donation was directed towards Albert Einstein University, the institution where students will benefit from this extraordinary act of kindness.

The emotional and heartwarming scenes unfolded in a viral video on social media.

The video shows the profound impact of the woman’s benevolence on the lives of Albert Einstein University students.

The students, whose annual tuition fees amounted to N51 million each, were visibly moved as they received the news that their financial burden had been entirely lifted by the philanthropist.

The video, which has gone viral, reveals the priceless reactions of the students upon learning about the huge donation.

Overwhelmed with joy and gratitude, the students were seen embracing each other, shedding tears of relief, and expressing their heartfelt thanks to Dr. Gotemann for her extraordinary act of kindness.

See below:


This is the incredible moment students at the the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York found out their tuition had been paid for. Dr Ruth Gottesman, a former professor there, donated $1bn to the school, after her late husband who was a major wall street investor passed away. Tuition is about $59,000 each year, so the funds are truly life-changing. #fy #fyp #doctor #medicalschool #student #studentdebt #goodnews #positivenews #goodnewsstories #wallstreet #money #donation #alberteinsteincollege #newyork #college #us #usnews #tuition

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