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Russia Launch Another Iranian-Made drone attack, hit industrial facilities in Odesa, Ukraine

Overnight on 10 March, Russia attacked Ukraine with Iranian-made Shahed suicide drones. Ukrainian air defenses shot down 35 out of 39 Shaheds in Odesa, Mykolaiv, Kirovohrad, Dnipropetrovsk, Cherkasy, Kherson, Khmelnytskyi, Vinnytsia, Zhytomyr, and Kyiv oblasts.

For several months now, Russia has been launching suicide drone attacks against Ukraine almost every day, targeting various cities and often causing civilian casualties.

The reports noted that the Russian forces launched Shahed-136/131 UAVs from Cape Chauda in occupied Crimea. According to the South Defense Forces of Ukraine, the drone attack lasted for over 4,5 hours and was repelled by mobile air defense teams.

“The enemy once again insidiously directed combat drones through residential and industrial areas, complicating the work of air defense forces,” the Ukrainian Army said.

In Odesa, one of the drones hit an industrial facility, causing a fire, but no casualties were reported. Another Shahed damaged power transmission lines in Mykolaiv Oblast which led to blackout in the region.

Russian occupiers also targeted Kharkiv and Donetsk oblasts with four S-300 anti-aircraft missiles.

Meanwhile, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that its forces thwarted a drone “terrorist attack.” Local residents reported hearing loud noises in the Belgorod Oblast on the evening of 9 March, as per 24 Channel.



Source: Euromaidan Press

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