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Macron Roars: There is Nowhere to run, France have no restrictions or limits and we will respond to Russia’s behaviour

France’s Commitment to Ukraine Amidst Russian Aggression Continues ....

French President Emmanuel Macron has declared that There is Nowhere to run, France have no restrictions or limits and we will respond to Russia’s behaviour, his country “has no limits” when it comes to helping Ukraine and will respond to Russia’s behaviour.

In a recent interview with Ukrainian journalists, French President Emmanuel Macron made it abundantly clear that his country stands firmly by Ukraine’s side in the ongoing conflict with Russia. Macron’s resolute words underscore the gravity of the situation and the unwavering commitment of France to prevent Russia from achieving victory.

“Russia cannot and must not win this war,” declared Macron. His statement reflects the collective sentiment among Ukraine’s allies, who recognize the dire implications of a Russian triumph. But Macron went further, emphasizing that France’s ultimate goal is to restore sustainable peace in Europe. This commitment extends beyond mere rhetoric; it is a call to action.

France’s position is clear: there are no limits when it comes to supporting Ukraine. Macron acknowledged the complexity of the current situation, with Russia’s shift toward a military economy and uncertainty surrounding international prospects. Yet, he firmly asserted that France would not shy away from responding to Russia’s behavior.

The French president’s pragmatic approach rejects the path of escalation, recognizing that another war is not the solution. Instead, he advocates for collective solidarity—a spirit that aligns with the broader European effort to aid Ukraine. Macron’s call for a renewed impetus among European nations to accelerate assistance underscores the urgency of the moment.

But what if internationally wanted criminal Vladimir Putin were to call? Macron’s response was unequivocal: he would pick up the phone. As the sinews of war, France’s responsibility lies in bolstering Ukraine’s strength. While avoiding offensive initiatives for now, Macron remains committed to listening and engaging in dialogue.

As the conflict continues, Macron’s resolute stance serves as a beacon of hope for Ukraine. France’s unwavering support, coupled with the determination of other nations, may yet tip the scales toward a sustainable peace—one that ensures security not only for Ukraine but for all of Europe. In this high-stakes geopolitical chess match, Macron’s words echo loudly: “We have no limits.”.

Macron also added that “France has its own position on nuclear deterrence” and reiterated that it is Putin who threatens other countries “completely inappropriately” with nuclear weapons.

“We see that we have to provide additional guarantees to Ukraine today, so that Ukraine has clear sight of the military aid schedule and of what it can count on, and can proceed with confidence to the point at which negotiations become possible. But it will be a very fundamental discussion, in which Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity will be the fundamental underlying value,” he said.

Asked whether France had a plan in place in case the US stopped supporting Ukraine and withdrew from NATO, Macron stressed that it was in the US’s interest to continue to help Ukraine in the long term because “the fate of international law and liberal democracy is being decided in Ukraine”.

“But we Europeans still need to prepare for different scenarios. Because for us, Ukraine is an existential issue. If you lose this war, we will not be able to have any European security. So we have to prepare for all possible scenarios. We need to persuade all European countries to build their own defence policy,” the French president stressed.

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