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PUTIN Warns NATO/WEST: We are Just one Step away from World War 3 in a speech durring Russia’s sham election – Watch Video

Vladimir Putin warned that a direct conflict between Russia and Nato

Vladimir Putin warned that a direct conflict between Russia and Nato would be “one step away from the full-scale third world war” in a speech following his anticipated victory in the country’s sham election on Sunday, 17 March.

It came after Emmanuel Macron said he could not rule out the deployment of French ground troops in Ukraine in the future as Russia’s invasion continues.

Mr Putin spoke after the election saw him tighten his grip on power following the stifling of any real opposition.

Early results on Sunday showed Mr Putin won nearly 88 per cent of the vote, marking a record by extending his nearly quarter-of-a-century rule for another six-year term.

Watch putin speeach video here:

We could recall that Central24 reported Emmanuel Macrons speeach concerning support for ukraine and response to Russia’s Behaviour.


Source; independent UK

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