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US/NATO: US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin, promised that US and other allies will not allow Ukraine to fail, Russia Can’t Win

US Secretary of Defenсe Lloyd Austin, opening the Ramstein meeting on Tuesday, promised that the United States will continue to support Ukraine’s military efforts against Russia. In practice, however, the US Congress continues to obstruct funding for Kyiv.

In his opening remarks, Austin said Russia paid a staggering price for the war, echoing estimates that at least 315,000 Russian soldiers were killed or wounded during the war, which has cost Russia up to US$211 billion.

“Ukraine’s troops face harsh conditions and hard fighting. And Ukraine’s civilians endure a constant barrage of Russian missiles and Iranian drones. But Ukraine won’t back down. And neither will the United States,” Austin said.

“The United States will not let Ukraine fail. This coalition will not let Ukraine fail. And the free world will not let Ukraine fail,” the head of the Pentagon assured.

He recalled that just last week, the United States announced additional security support for Ukraine worth US$300 million. Austin called the measure “extraordinary”, adding that it would help take care of urgent needs for air defence, artillery, and anti-tank capabilities.

“We remain determined to provide Ukraine with the resources it needs to counter Kremlin aggression,” Austin said.

MeanWhile On 14 March, the speaker of the US House of Representatives, Mike Johnson, agreed to unblock the decision on assistance to Ukraine, but with significant changes – it is to be in the form of a loan or lend-lease agreement, according to a draft from the House of Representatives.

He also insisted that assistance to Ukraine and Israel be divided into separate bills. Any new draft must get enough votes in the House of Representatives and the Senate.



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