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WARning: U.S/West Troops Should Warm Up If Ukraine loses, They are Next For Russia – Zoe Lofgren Warns

American troops fighting Russian troops in Europe. But according to California Congresswoman and Immigration subcommittee member Zoe Lofgren, it’s a reality we may be facing if we don’t continue to support Ukraine.

“Just a short time ago I talked to a Republican House member, and we discussed the lack of Ukraine funding and agreed that if we don’t do something that Russia will be emboldened” Lofgren tells Ian Bremmer in the latest episode of GZERO World. “And ultimately we will have American troops fighting Russian troops in Europe.

That’s pretty dire. We all see it. And yet we’re not getting the funding necessary.

They’re running out of ammunition.”
Whether or not Congress can get its act together in time to help Ukraine is still very much uncertain. But in the meantime, the US/Mexico border will remain dysfunctional, and one of America’s closest allies in Europe will keep fighting to maintain its own borders as well.

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