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VICTORY UKRAINIA: Bad Day for Putin Forces, As Zelenskyy Forces Shot down Russia $350million Aerospace A-50

Ukraine – last night was a Bad day for Putin Forces, As Zelenskyy Forces Shot down Russia’s Aerospace A-50. Ukrainian social media began to light up with rumors that another one of Russia’s $350 million Beriev A-50 (NATO: Mainstay) airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) aircraft had been shot down.

The A-50 is used by Russia to monitor Ukraine’s air defensesand airborne activity. The aircraft typically fly with a crew of up to 15 personnel and are vital in providing guidance to its own aircraft on the disposition of the enemy, allowing them to intercept and engage adversary aircraft.

Within minutes of the earlier reports, video of the burning wreckage of a large aircraft that had crashed in the Kanevsky District in Krasnodar Krai in southeastern Russia, which borders the Sea of Azov had been posted.

This is the second Russian A-50 plane brought down by Ukraine after one along with an Il-22M airborne command post were destroyed over the Sea of Azov on Jan. 14. This success is the culmination of a bad week for Moscow’s military aviation in which as many as seven Su-34 and Su-35fighter-bombers and air superiority fighters had been destroyed by Ukrainian air defenses since Feb. 17.

Ukraine’s Air Force commander, Lt. Gen. Mykola Oleshchuk, soon took to Telegram to announce the downing of the A-50in which he said that the operation had been a combined operation involving Kyiv’s Military Intelligence Directorate (HUR) and thanked “all those who ensured the result.”

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