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Ukraine War: Russia Is A Big Problem and A Threat to NATO, All Europe – France Foreign Minister

France’s Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, has said he takes seriously the fears that Russia might attack a NATO member state in the future and believes that Europe has to invest more in its defence capability.

Séjourné was asked whether he shared the fears voiced by many countries’ top military officials that Russia might attack a NATO state in the coming years and that the West has to invest more in its defence.

Séjourné responded in the affirmative, saying that France has already ramped up investment in its defence.

“In the current geopolitical circumstances, it is in our own interest to ask ourselves the right questions. Our defence budgets have to enable us to meet these challenges. We have to be more cohesive in organising Europe’s defence. This is the French proposition, and it’s increasingly gaining momentum,” Séjourné said.

He stressed that European countries’ current efforts need to be ramped up even more.

“Yes, we’re talking about an existential question, and we have to seek security guarantees in Europe. The 27 [EU] countries, all together. We have to agree to make our weapons and military equipment more compatible ahead of time, to ensure communication between our armies, and to gradually advance towards military integration – in the matters of industry and operationally, too. All this is part of the ‘European sovereignty’ agenda,” Séjourné said.

He added that the challenges thrown up by the Russian-Ukrainian war have already contributed to significant progress towards weapons compatibility, because there was a need to ensure the Armed Forces of Ukraine could use weapons supplied by many different countries.

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