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Ukraine: This Is Too Much to Bare, Putin’s ‘Operation Damage Control’ As Russia’s Full Scale Shelling Of Donetsk Continues

Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine will enter its third year on Feb. 24.

With the eastern city of Avdiivka captured by Russians in the Donetsk region, shelling has intensified on other towns and villages in the area.

Selydove, some 25 kilometres away from the frontline, is one of them. Over the last week, missiles destroyed a hospital and a residential area, killing at least 3 people and wounding at least 12.

Russia Ukraine War
Russia Ukraine War

In the days after the attacks, Euronews caught up with some of the shell-shocked residents at a humanitarian distribution point where they received wooden panels, blankets and basic goods.

“Two missiles hit our street. The whole street was destroyed,” Kateryna, a resident of Selydove whose house has been damaged by a Russian strike, told Euronews.

“The shellings are intensifying, we didn’t sleep this night. Until 4am in the morning there was shelling, shelling, shelling. We used to count them, now it’s more than 30 a night,” she added. “No one can take it.”

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