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This is Tragic! After 51 whole Years of Marriage, Man Discovers The Children he has Suffered For all his life Are…

A man is currently heartbroken as he discovers that the two children he raised are not his own. A recent paternity test proved that the man’s wife cheated on him and gave birth to the two children while still under his roof.

To make matters worse, the man and his wife have been married for 51 years and he never suspected any foul play.

In a video reposted on TikTok by @kevinwesleygenie, the man lamented bitterly, saying he has been supporting children who are not his for over four decades

He noted that the two children are all boys, 42 and 40, respectively.

He said if only he could sue and get the money he spent on them after making the discovery. He said he was going to go home and commence the divorce process against his wife.

The video sparked many reactions, with some people saying paternity tests should be taken immediately after childbirth.

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