The United Kingdom Increases Salary Requirements for Nigerians, Other Africans seeking Skilled Worker Visa

The United Kingdom is preparing to implement the new salary requirements for workers who want to enter the country starting April 4, 2024.

The new salary, announced by Home Secretary James Cleverly, will require Nigerians looking to relocate to ensure they secure a minimum salary of £38,700 when applying for a skilled worker visa.

UK government explains new minimum requirement Speaking on the changes, Cleverly explained that the government aims to decrease net annual immigration by 300,000 in the coming years, although a precise timetable was not provided.

He also revealed that the government plans to abolish the 20% pay reduction that employers are permitted to provide employees on the list of shortage occupations.

There are exemptions to the minimum salary increase. The new changes will not impact individuals already on the Skilled Worker route when the change takes effect.

This exemption only applies to those making new applications, such as changing employment, extending their stay, or applying for indefinite leave to remain.

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