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Israel/Hamas War: Hamas warns Israel Over Rafah push says “Expect more casualties”

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has ordered the army to set its sights on Rafah while Gaza’s Hamas rulers warned on Saturday that Israel’s planned army operation in overcrowded Rafah could cause “tens of thousands” of casualties in the city, the last refuge for displaced Palestinians.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered the army to set its sights on Rafah. He told military and security officials late Friday to submit to the cabinet a combined plan for “evacuating the population and destroying the battalions” of Hamas in the southern city.

Netanyahu’s promises of a safe route have been met with scepticism as people fleeing from battle zones have previously been attacked.

Hamas said in a statement that any military action would have catastrophic repercussions that “may lead to tens of thousands of martyrs and injured if Rafah… is invaded”.

The US State Department has said it does not support a ground offensive in Rafah, warning that, if not properly planned, such an operation risks “disaster”.

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