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Iran Support Russia: Delivered Hundreds Of Iranian Ballistic Missiles To Russia – Ukraine Report (Watch Video)

MOSCOW- In Russia the Millitary Force Recieved Hundreds of Iranian ballistic missiles, according to a new report.

If true, these deliveries would bolster Russia’s dwindling ballistic missile arsenal, which has already presented significant challenges for defenders in neighboring Ukraine, with additional combat-proven types.

The War Zone highlighted these exact issues in detail before and after the first reports that Iran might send ballistic missiles to Russia first emerged in late 2022.

Reuters was the first to report on Iran’s new deliveries to Russia, comprising around 400 ballistic missiles in total, earlier today, citing six unnamed sources, including multiple Iranian officials.

Additional anonymous U.S. and Ukrainian officials told that outlet that they had no information about Russia actually receiving such weapons from Iran, despite active negotiations on the matter, or any evidence of their use on Ukrainian battlefields so far.

Russia also began acquiring additional short-range ballistic missiles from North Korea at the end of last year, further pointing to new efforts to source weapons of this type from foreign sources.

“An Iranian military official – who, like the other sources, asked not to be identified because of the sensitivity of the information – said there had been at least four shipments of missiles and there would be more in the coming weeks,” according to Reuters.

“Another senior Iranian official said some of the missiles were sent to Russia by ship via the Caspian Sea, while others were transported by plane.”

“There will be more shipments,” one of the Iranian officials said, per Reuters’ report. “There is no reason to hide it. We are allowed to export weapons to any country that we wish to.”

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