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Exposed: Russian Black Sea Fleet and ammunition Depot Discovered in Crimea

The partisan movement “ATESH” scouted the ammunition depots of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation in the Sakskyi district of Crimea.

The agents conducted a reconnaissance of the ammunition warehouses of the 758 logistics center of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation near the village Naumovka of Sakskyi district. The territory is large and well guarded, there are patrols around the entire perimeter, and there are also towers with guards. Ammunition for artillery, rocket and mine-torpedo weapons, which are used on the warships of the invaders, is probably stored here.

Object coordinates: 45.321388, 33.660943.

The enemy distributes the accumulation of ammunition and loads boxes with ammunition for their further transportation to military units.

Partisans passed on the information received by the Defense Forces of Ukraine.

As previously reported by USM, the Russian invaders are repairing several ships at the 13th ship repair plant located in Killen Bay in temporarily occupied Sevastopol.

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