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Check Out The New Google Pixel Fold 2 just leaked, Here’s everything You Need To Know

The New Google Pixel Fold 2 is going to be a screamer, and not solely for good reasons, if the latest leaks are to be believed.

SmartPrix (via OnLeaks) has shared alleged renders depicting the Google Pixel Fold 2, and it looks like a mixed bag of regressive design and positive developments.

The biggest change compared to the first-gen Google Pixel Fold is a camera bump that ditches the stretched bar look on the current-gen Pixel smartphones.

Instead, we now have a rectangular design with two rows of pill-shaped black outlines, hosting three camera lenses and a bunch of other sensors.

It’s a stark departure from the mainstream Pixel camera bar look, reviving a look that was last seen on the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4 series phones.

Looks aside, the side placement also means the phone will keep wobbling if you place it on a flat surface. I’m not exactly a fan of this approach, to be fair.

Check Out The New Google Pixel Fold 2 just leaked, Here’s everything You Need To Know2
Check Out The New Google Pixel Fold 2 just leaked

Another notable change is the side profile. The curved edges of the Pixel Fold have been flattened, a look that will also appear on the Google Pixel 9 series phones, according to leaked renders.

But if you look closely and ignore the ugly camera hump shape, the Pixel Fold 2 looks identical to the OnePlus Open in its leathery black trim. The side rails, those curved bezels, and the front camera placement are all identical.

Even the ridge seems to have been lifted straight from the OnePlus Open, down to its polished metal aesthetics. It’s not a bad thing, as the OnePlus Open is one of the best-built phones I’ve ever used, and the form factor is an absolute joy to handle.

The most progressive change happens once the phone is opened. The thick bezels are gone, and what we see on the Pixel Fold 2 renders are uniformly think bezels on all sides, a trend that we first noticed on the foldable phones offered by Oppo.

The front display reportedly measures 6.4 inches, while the inner foldable panel relies on a 7.9-inch flexible OLED screen.

It seems shaving off the bezels naturally allowed Google to add some valuable screen real estate.

As far as the internal go, rumors suggest the fourth-gen Tensor silicon and up to 16GB of RAM. Those two are big upgrades, but it’s the in-hand profile that might surprise buyers in a pleasant fashion.

The Pixel Fold 2’s thickness will reportedly come in at just 10.54mm, which, if true, would make it one of the thinnest foldable phones out there.

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