BREAKING: Democratic Republic of Congo government dissolved after Prime Minister resigns

In an announcement late Tuesday, the presidency stated that the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Prime Minister Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde has resigned, leading to the dissolution of his government.

Lukonde submitted his resignation to President Felix Tshisekedi just eight days after the validation of his mandate as a national deputy. He intends to take up a position in parliament, having been elected in December’s polls to represent the Kasenga district.

A subsequent statement from the presidency on Tuesday indicated that Lukonde’s government has been requested to continue managing the country’s affairs until the establishment of a new administration.

Appointed as prime minister in February 2021 at the age of 43, Lukonde assumed office following the dissolution of the alliance between Tshisekedi’s coalition and that of former president Joseph Kabila.

Following Tshisekedi’s reelection in December, he designated a representative to identify a majority coalition within the National Assembly in preparation for the formation of the next government.

According to provisional results, subject to confirmation by the Constitutional Court, parties aligned with Tshisekedi secured nearly 94% of the assembly seats.

UN imposes sanctions
In a separate incident, amid escalating tensions between the Congolese government and M23 rebels, the United Nations Security Council has imposed sanctions on six individuals linked to armed groups.

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