‘You are a liar, i formed remedies and sponsored our USA Tour — Eddy remedy counter Eedris’ claims

The group consisted of Tetuila, Eedris, and Eddy. Acclaimed as one of the pioneers of Afropop music in Nigeria, the group members, however, split in the early 2000s with members pursuing solo careers.

Eedris, on a recent episode of the Honest Bunch podcast, claimed he and Eddy were the founding members of The Remedies.


He said Tetuila later joined the group after they met him at a show in Ilorin, Kwara state, adding that he was “desperate to sing”.

Reacting to Eedris’ claim via Instagram, Tetuila said he is “highly disappointed” in him for “spewing lies” about the whole incident.

“I am highly disappointed in this guy, he is a bloody liar. How could a grown man like this be telling lies. Na God go punish who dey lie,” he wrote while sharing a video of himself watching the interview.


On his part, Eddy argued that he single-handedly formed The Remedies and invited Eedris and Tetuila to the group.

Speaking in an Instagram live session with Daddy Freeze, the US-based singer also narrated how he formed the group and sponsored their first tour in the United States.

Eddy clarified that Tetuila did not join the group in Ilorin but in his apartment in Lagos where Eedris brought him to meet him.

He said the group members could not fight for their royalties because they are no longer together.


Eddy also hurled insults at Eedris while describing him as “a cheat” who should not be getting attention from Nigerians.

“I do not know where Eedris’s story is coming from. I was the one that invited him to the group. He introduced Tony Tetuila. I used the $5000 my parent gave me to move to America to sponsor our ‘Shakomo’ tour. It breaks me down. God knows how much I suffered for this group,” he said.

“Eedris went behind me after the Monday I met him that we need to Africanise a sound. Eedris met Omololu after I met him and said he needed a singer. Omololu agreed.

“Eedris is a treacherous b**tard. Eedris is a cheat. Nigerians should stop listening to him.


“Eedris made N150 million from government when I was down. The biggest help he would say he helped me is he sent me N5000 twice.

“Every artiste fights for the industry. I brought him to come to the table to eat. He started claiming he formed the group. He turned against me. I am 56 years years old. I came low to call Eedris and Tony to bring them into my group.

“That is why Eedris was trying to take my glory at Remedies. We have not been able to fight for our royalties because we were apart.

“Him no do us proud. He was supposed to do a collabo with 50 Cent hin go fight am. I lost my relationship with Guinness just because of his fight with 50 Cent. Since that day I lost my franchise with MBL.”


Eedris has been in the news in the past few days over his controversial commentaries.

He recently engaged in a war of words with Burna Boy and claimed that Charly Boy “lacked integrity”.

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